KingRoot – The Best One Click APK Root Master

Here are the frequently asked questions about KingRoot. All you need to know about KingRoot APK. Please do not hesitate to Contact our support, if you encounter any problems that are not found in our FAQs.

1. Why does Root need to be obtained?

Root is the highest access of Android system. You can use KingRoot to obtain Root Access to implement comprehensive management and optimization of mobile phone, e.g., delete the bloatware of mobile phone, prohibit software auto-start, and purify the mobile phone system to save more energy and increase speed of the mobile phone. The mobile phone system can be customized through the Root Access to use more advanced programs, thus meeting your personalized needs and making your mobile phone different from others.

2. Is the mobile phone safe after Root is obtained?

Android system has security vulnerabilities. The unique Root security protection engine of KingRoot team comprehensively strengthens the mobile phone system, realizes real-time multi-layer protection for the mobile phone system, prevents viruses, spyware and malware from obtaining the Root Access, keeps your mobile phone far away from malicious attacks, protects your data and information security, and guarantees security of your online transactions. We strongly recommend you to regularly start the KingRoot client to optimize security so that your mobile phone can be more secure after Root is obtained.

3. Will Root failure cause damage to the mobile phone?

KingRoot software has undergone the strict security test. The perfect Root failure protection mechanism can effectively ensure mobile phone security. We haven’t received any feedback about mobile phone damage caused by Root by now. The quantity of mobile phones installed with Root software ranks No.1 in the world, and the software assures quality and confidence.

4.Why will Root fail?

Different Root solutions need to be executed for different models. Make sure that the network is smooth in the Root execution process; otherwise Root may fail. You can make more attempts after the failure. Some models need special Root solution adaptation. If you still fail after making several attempts, you can report the model information to us so that the KingRoot expert team can carry out the special adaptation work for the system. You can follow our official account or join the QQ discussion group to learn the latest adaptation progress.

5. Why will Root become invalid after it is obtained successfully?

  1. After some mobile phones are upgraded to the latest version, the Root solution will be repaired by the manufacturer, thus leading to invalidity of Root. OTA upgrade of the system is not recommended for Root temporarily.
  2. Restrictions by some manufacturers may also lead to invalidity of the Root Access after the system restarts.
  3. Installing multiple sets of Root software may also result in a conflict and then cause invalidity of Root. It is advised to install only one set of Root software to ensure uniqueness of Root authorization.

6. Will warranty be affected after Root is obtained?

In most cases, the warranty service provided by the mobile phone manufacturer can be still enjoyed in the warranty period after Root is thoroughly removed. However, since each mobile phone manufacturer offers different warranty policies and test conditions, you need to consult the official customer service of the related mobile phone manufacturer about the information of your mobile phone.

7. How to manage the software Root Access?

You can select whether to grant Root authorization to other software in “Root Authorization” of KingRoot. After obtaining the Root Access, the third party software can start the advanced function. It is advised to authorize the third party software cautiously. After “Enable Root Authorization” is disabled in “General Settings” of KingRoot software, the Root request of all software will be terminated.