If you want to boost your overall experience each time you use your device, then you need to enhance your UI and UX with customisation. After all, why do you even have to bother putting up with the kind of UI and UX that you currently have if these do not improve performance? Since you use your phone more than any other device or gadget, it is time to make do something about the aesthetics and ease in navigating through customisation.

More often than not, your phone’s default UX and UI are hardly what you can consider as a breeze to navigate. They may also appear rather dull and boring, and you would want to have something

Unfortunately, default UI and UX of phones are not exactly what you can consider as aesthetically appealing or easy to navigate with. In fact, each user has his own preference when it comes to the interface of their device, but it is not possible to make tweaks unless you gain root access to it. This is why it makes perfect sense to perform certain techniques that will give you a chance to customise your device’s UI and UX, so you can have a more effective mobile browsing experience.

Importance of Customising the UI and UX of Your Phone

Before smartphones became popular, most people relied on their PC for internet browsing and other purposes. However, with the convenience of mobile browsing, you can easily find everything you need online with just a few taps on your phone screen. While both your PC and phone are computing devices, there are still differences with their functions and features. There is a limited size of the screen for your mobile phone, along with intermittent net connection and complete reliance on the battery.

Yet, it is worth noting that even with these restrictions, you can get maximum benefits from your smartphone. It is easy to bring your phone along wherever you go, as it fits perfectly in your pocket. What’s more, you can connect to WiFi anywhere or even using your cellular data, which means great ease in searching the internet using your smartphone. There are also impressive features you will love including GPS, voice search, and other advanced technologies in mobile devices.

This is why you may want to look into improving on the UI and UX since the default version has some missing features. If you have a particular idea about the interface design, then you should work on providing a more personal touch that would suit your needs. By rooting your device, you can give it an extraordinary appeal that you want, which is possible once you obtain administrator privileges to it.

Get Optimum Functionalities by Rooting Your Phone with KingRoot

If you have an Android phone, you may want to root it using a reliable and easy to use tool such as KingRoot. This app takes the stress out in the rooting process, which basically starts by simply downloading the app. After the download process, just install the software and follow the directions on your screen. You can also do a one click root install via their APK download

Since it is a breeze to use KingRoot, this should eliminate any concerns in the process. Then, you can begin the installation of custom ROMs that will further enhance your device’s UI and UX. With several options for the custom ROM, you can incorporate some improvements and make tweaks to your phone’s interface.

Options for Customising Your Rooted Device

To make the most out of your phone, you should consider rooting it to enhance user experience. What rooting does is it gives you total administrator privileges that will allow you to enhance the functions and appearance of your phone. After rooting, you can install your preferred custom ROM to the device. Then, it will be possible to boost performance and improve the aesthetics of your device through custom ROMs.

An example of a custom ROM that is widely used for rooted phones is the CyanogenMod. This comes with a number of great features such as CPU under and overclocking, DSP equalizer, theme engine, theme store and lockscreen gestures. Paranoid Android is another great custom ROM, and you will be able to enhance your phone’s features through UI customisation, gesture controls, multitasking and floating notifications. This custom ROM, however, only works with OnePlusOne, Google Nexus, and Oppo.

When you root your device, it is easy to use Android’s unreleased versions as you please. This is what KingRoot does – to open you up to a wide spectrum of functionalities and personalisation options for maximum user experience.