If there is one thing that matters to you most, it is probably your mobile phone. In fact, you may find yourself holding on to this device whether you are at the office, at home, or elsewhere. You use it for numerous purposes such as connecting with your friends via social networks, sending emails, making phone calls, browsing the web and sharing files. With all of these important things you use your phone for, you may notice that the battery gets drained faster than expected. The question is, what can you do about it?

Running low on battery power for your phone is never a good thing. Since you rely on your device for several reasons, the last thing you want is to carry around a phone with empty battery. This is why you need to find ways to prolong the battery’s life span to maximize usage.

What you can do to save battery is to apply a tried and tested technique, which is called rooting. KingRoot is a special tool that allows you to obtain admin rights to your phone for customisation purposes, including using an app to save precious battery power. You will be able to enhance your overall experience of using your phone while preventing the issue of having drained battery.

Issues that Drain the Battery

Some phones run very low on battery faster than others. There are a few possible reasons why this happens. For instance, apps run in the background each time you start your device. Unfortunately, some of these apps are not even what you can consider as a necessity, or you may not even use these too often. Hence, they only end up sucking the power out of the battery too fast. Since there is no way to freeze or disable these apps, the battery life is compromised.

In addition to apps running actively in the background, poor battery life is also caused by bloatware and apps that access the CPU and GPU resources in your device’s background. If you fail to monitor this issue, battery life is further reduced.

Improve Battery Life Through Rooting

Since it can be such a pain to deal with unsatisfactory battery life, you need to think about certain techniques to solve this issue. Rooting helps in customising your device while allowing you to have admin privileges to it. By obtaining root access, there are endless choices of apps that you can use to improve user experience, which are only applicable for rooted devices.

The Amplify Battery Extender is an example of a battery-saving app that works for rooted phones. With its advanced technology, battery life is enhanced since background apps no longer gain more resources. Apps that easily gain CPU and GPU resources are instantly detected and restricted from causing issues with the battery.

Another good app for extending the battery life is Purify. It is ideal for rooted devices since it increases the performance level of your phone and saves battery at the same time. You will appreciate how it boosts user experience since apps that only drain your battery are put on hibernate mode.

KingRoot for Rooting Your Phone

To be able to use these apps for saving the battery of your phone, you need to consider rooting it. KingRoot enables you to root your phone in quick, simple and easy ways. Through this tool, you can achieve administrator rights for customising the features and functions of your device. You can also eliminate bloatware or underclock your phone, which all contribute to longer battery life.

Once you have successfully rooted your phone, you can save RAM for a much better performance. Apps will also be able to run in a smoother manner after implementing the purifying mode. Along the way, the battery power is economised for a better user experience.

With KingRoot, all you need to do is to follow simple steps in the download and installation process. A few clicks are all it takes to complete the rooting process, and this saves you time and energy in performing necessary steps. Most importantly, KingRoot is reliable and compatible with your Android device or even your PC, so you have no worries about using this rooting app.