To install KingRoot without PC, you will need One Click Root KingRoot APK.

From your mobile browser, head over to our KingRoot APK download page to begin download and follow the following steps:

  1. Press on “Free Download”
  2. Once download is completed, you should see it under your notification as seen in screenshot below. Press the APK to begin installation.
  3. Skip to step 4 if you have already enabled security settings for unknown sources. If you have not, you will see a “Installation Blocked” message like screenshot below. Follow the screen shot below to enable security settings from unknown sources to continue installation.
  4. Under the System installation screen, press “install” to begin installation. Once installation is complete, press the “open” button to startup Kingroot.
  5. The next screen brings you to a purify screen press “try it” to enter the main interface, and press “get now” button to begin rooting process.
  6. In the next screen, you will see a percentage running, that means that the installation is taking place. At this point in time, do not turn off your device. During the rooting process, your device will reboot several times so do not be alarmed. Once the implementation process is completed you will be return to the main screen.
  7. Finally, go to google play store to download and install a RootChecker and click on verify root to see if root have succeeded.