The new Huawei 30 Mate series launch event was held in Munich, Germany on September 19th, in which the company’s 5 new smartphones were unveiled: the Huawei Mate 30, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Huawei Mate 30 5G, Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, and Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design. Because of the US ban on Huawei products, however, these phones will launch without having any Google apps pre-installed. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily install the Google Play Store app, and more.

The new Huawei Mate 30 series will launch without any Google apps, which is going to annoy a lot of Android users, as they will not have the ability to use the Play Store, or even Gmail. There is, fortunately, a way to install all the Google apps you need yourself. We’ll show you how to use Google Installer to reinstall the disabled Google services, starting of course with Google Play Store.

For this article, we focused on the Huawei P20 and the menu items on your model may be a bit different. However, the overall procedure is exactly the same. Besides your smartphone, to complete these steps you will also need the Google Installer’s APK file.

How To Install Google Apps on your Huawei Mate 30 Series Smartphone


Step 1. Use your computer to download the Google Installer APK (the latest version is 3.0) from the internet.

Step 2. Go to the “Settings” menu on our smartphone.

Step 3. Search for the item called “Security & Privacy” and then tap on it.

Step 4. Select “More Settings”.

Step 5. Tap to enable the “Download apps from external sources” option.

Step 6. Your phone will alert you that “Using apps from unknown sources will leave your device and personal data more vulnerable to security threats”. Tap “OK” to close this message.

Step 7. Now, you must connect the smartphone to your computer to transfer the APK file you downloaded. Move the file to the “Downloads” folder on the phone’s memory. Once that is done, tap on the “Files” app on your phone.

Step 8. On your phone, move to the “Downloads and Favorites” folder.

Step 9. Tap the “Downloads” folder.

Step 10. You can now find the “Google Installer APK” file. Tap on it to install.

Step 11. On the new window that will appear, tap “Install”.

Step 12. When the installation finishes, the new app will open. Tap “Install” to install all the Google services.

Step 13. It will take some time for the necessary apps to be installed.

Step 14. After the installation concludes, look on your Home Screen for the Google Play Store icon. You can now use that to install every Google app you want on your Huawei smartphone, like Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, etc.