If you want to root Android but avoid complicated steps and instructions, a one click root such as KingRoot might be the ultimate solution for you. Getting an Android device rooted is always the initial step one has to take to use their devices. Once this is performed you can get the most out of your device. Whether that is removing bloatware, customizing the appearance, or working with pre-installed apps, or even making the device faster than it was, the first step lies in rooting your device.

Although there are several products you can choose from to root your Android device, few are quick and easy to use. In fact, most require countless steps and time for you to root any device. Not many products on the market which are available today are as quick, easy, or convenient as KingRoot is when rooting your devices. So, consider it when choosing a rooting device, and you don’t want to go through a tedious process, or something which is extremely difficult or complex to complete when rooting your devices.

Sure, you’ve heard of KingRoot, but is this the best one click root available to you for rooting your device? In short, the answer is yes if you desire simplicity, quick, efficient, and zero guesswork. But, if you need a little more, and want to know why you should choose this over other one click root products available, consider this short list before you decide to invest in KingRoot.

1. It is Free (FOR LIFE)

You know those products which claim to be “free for use,” but after a month or two, charge you a fee? That is why they ask for your credit card information up front when you download or install certain products. This Android software is in fact free however, for as long as you use it. Additionally, when upgrades are made, they are available to you, and easy to upgrade and download, without having to pay a subscription or upgrade fee to use them. In turn, as long as the KingRoot software is available, you are not going to pay a cent to use it as an Android user.

2. Minimalism when it comes to one click root operations

We want our users to enjoy the one click root operation without any guesswork or complicated steps. Our developers have taken every necessary step essential to ensure this is the case upon downloading and using this one click root product. We want Android one click root products to be easy to use (by anyone) and extremely quick and efficient. This is the premise behind KingRoot, and is surely simple for even the least technologically advanced users out there.

3. Tested and Proven to do the job on all Android devices

KingRoot has been widely tested, and has passed those tests with flying colors. For all Android devices and users. When not properly coded, Android software can wreak a great deal of havoc on devices and can end up causing far more headaches than you wish to deal with. But, with KingRoot one click root, even when rooting fails, it is 100% safe and secure for you to use on your Android devices, and won’t cause any issues or damage to your devices. For this reason, it stands alone as the premier one click root software, and is the only product you are going to want to use and operate as an Android owner.

4. Multiple Devices? No Problem, KingRoot works with all of them

Although our support list is a bit incomplete in terms of the devices we have placed on it, KingRoot one click root works with an exhaustive list of devices. Not only that, it works with nearly every Android brand device out there, so you don’t have to worry about limitations on use if you are an Android user, but don’t see the name, model, or series of your device on the support list we have put out. We are presently designing a search engine for users (and soon to be users) to find out which devices are covered, and which devices are compatible with KingRoot.

No matter what devices you need to use a one click root on, KingRoot is the optimal software to download. With zero guesswork, zero costs, and zero risk (as are posed with other products), you are bound to love how quickly and efficiently it will work on all of your Android devices.