Do you own an Android phone yourself? If so, you should understand all the benefits that would come along with it after you root your phone. Android is a mobile operating system that is customizable, open and versatile with ease when compared to all available alternatives in the market. You might be among those that do not take phone rooting seriously but the intricate effects will definitely amaze you. This little transformation enables you to enjoy the following advantages:


1. Full Phone Automation with One Click Root

The desire to own a phone that can  operate everything automatically is a desire that many has. There are a number of apps that can be installed to achieve these kind of automation one desires. When you root your phone without computer by downloading the most popular One Click Root Tool – KingRoot , rooting will be made easy and enjoyable as taking your favorite meal. Quality rooting will make GPS services, toggling 3G, turning your phone screen on and changing your CPU speed easily. It is advisable that you install a good automation application after rooting so that you can achieve a maximum utility from this technology.

Installation of incompatible applications and unlocking hidden features will be readily available after rooting is done. Despite the fact that this is the most open concept operating system, there are some apps that are incompatible. Additionally, there are a number of features that are hidden. The applications are being blocked by Android system file hacks or the carriers are blocking it while others are totally unavailable in the system. Rooting is the solution to this long term problem. The latest Android version features can be a great remedy. Carrier-blocked apps installation, hardware powering up, emulating other features that you desire, modify incompatible features so that they be compatible or simply get additional features. All the mentioned activities are a walk in the park if you do rooting effectively.

2. Battery Life and Phone Speed Boosting

Forget about the many available means of phone battery boosting as well as speeding up. Rooting is the modern option that will never fail you in any way. After the rooting process, you are at liberty to overclock your device so that its performance is improved or fully maximised in case you desire a better battery life. In additionally, automatic hibernation of the apps that are not in use is not an issues of concerning after rooting. This has proven to be the best move against applications that unnoticeably run in the background.

3. Phone Back Up for Seamless Transitions

Backing up of settings and applications can save you a lot. Stocking needs device restorations due to various reasons and also you might decide to purchase a new Android gadget hence back up is necessary. One click root is all you require to get back your entire setup without any hassle. More so, system applications as well as their data will not be backed up of you ignore rooting your device. Entire automations is an incredible way of enhancing top notch performance. Failure to do so will hamper thorough back up attempts.

4. Ads Can Be Blocked in Any App

You understand the strategic role that ads play in e-commerce. They help you to increase potential profit margins. However, they can be an annoying occurrence as you enjoy your gadget and some use up your data. You have a reliable solutions to this issue that affects your phone or certain specific apps. Rooting is the best shield against ads. You should root android phones to avoid the ineffective airplane mode option. Block the ads to have an ad-free Android experience.

5. Get Rid of Preinstalled Crapware

Root your Android with KingRoot will help you to answer the question, how to root android devices? As you get to understand these dynamics, the ability to deal with preinstalled crapware will be something you will want to try out. This has become a companion of all most modern phones. They waste space and drain batteries. You should note that the only way of doing away with them is to root Android devices. Normal operation can be achieved by freezing them which should be followed by complete deletion.

6. Custom ROM Flashing

This looks like a normal gains but is is among the best rooting benefits. An Android custom version is what is referred to as a custom ROM. This changes based on how you use your Android phones. Some of them make non-stock phones to have latest Android versions. On the other hand, later Android versions can be brought to devices that do not have them. There are those that will add a number of new and valuable features while others add unique and strategic features to your phone. Furthermore, there are cases where the operating system is changed completely. It is recommended that you have a keen eye on the custom ROM irrespective of the type of phone you own. In addition, custom ROM flashing does not need root access but the bootloader has to be unlocked. This process is at times bundled up with root access. The manufacturer lockdowns should also be freed thus it is a technical process that can be eased when you root android gadgets.

7. Tweak all Android Dark Corners

Are you among those that love exploring all phone features? If your answer to this question is yes then rooting is what you should go for. Keyboard layout customization using keyboard manager is what rooting will assure you. Enhanced multitasking and faster scrolling will be part and parcel of your daily phone usage. Moreover, getting extra themes is also very possible. You should know that each and every corner can be tweaked when rooting is done well. Try it today to experience the difference.

8. Custom Kernel Flashing

You might have several under-the-hood tweaks and other Android phone types that require a custom kernel. They are only flashed with a super rooted device. The kernel is the feature that enables communication between the hardware and available applications. Therefore, admirable battery life, extra features and better performance are ensured with a custom kernel. For instance, unsupported phones can have Wi-Fi tethering as an added feature. Faster battery charging can also be achieved. Flashing kernels can be done using a kernel manager or manually.

Rooting to Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Android Phone

This is the ultimate achievement of learning how to root android using one click root apk. You will do everything you wish in a style that you choose. Despite the limitations that emanate from carries and manufacturers, rooting gives you unlimited possibilities. The minor risk involved cannot be compared to these endless benefits. If you have not rooted your Android device, you should do so now. Imagine the easy typing speed, accessibility, longer battery life among many other gains. Visit here to learn more about How to Root Android.


Rooting is the process of allowing users of Android smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain full privileged control (known as root access). To learn more about what is “Rooting” on Wiki.